Finca La Amistad is a family business. Costa Rica is our second homeland, Switzerland the first. It is therefore extremely important to us to work with people in Costa Rica and on the farm that we can trust and count on.

Finca La Amistad works thanks to its loyal and committed employees and valuable and longstanding partnerships with customers, business partners and specialist advisors. Finca manager, Finca employees, Managing director, Finca owners, Communication and marketing


Ruth and Ernesto Brugger
Owners of Finca La Amistad
Minor Picado Chavez
Finca Manager
Simon Brugger
Production & Export
Kathrin Brugger
Communications & Sales


On the farm:

Jorge Rodríguez Estrada Isabell Ramírez Cruz Minor Picado Chávez Marvin Traña Espinoza
Amado Cruz 0porta Gilberth Potoy Camacho Donald López Campoz Johny Sandy Salazar Narsiso Matamoros Laguna